Shop Local AUTHORS on Small Business Saturday

Shop Local AUTHORS on Small Business Saturday
10 am – 4 pm Local Author Signing: Chat with local authors and select from a variety of titles for reading and giving.

2:30 pm Parking Lot Safety – A fun look and practical tips on how to stay safe during the holidays from FEAR-less author Logan Doughty.

All books are available in advance or day of at Book No Further

Betsy Ashton

Betsy Ashton writes about her experiences mentoring women throughout her professional consulting career. She used this experience in crafting her story about Mad Max Davies. She writes feature articles for Laker Weekly, part of Roanoke Times. She is also active in many writers’ groups and clubs and is the First Vice President of the Virginia Writer’s Club.

Ms. Ashton will  sign copies of three of her books: Eyes Without a Face; 50 Shades of Cabernet; Uncharted Territory

Frances Barnhart

Frances Curtis Barnhart is an artist, writer, teacher, mother of three, grandmother of ten, spiritual explorer and an evolutionary activist in the human potential movement.  She is a published poet and author of The New Woman Warrior’s Handbook: Not for Women Only [Illuminated Way Press, 1982]. As a contributing writer and editor, her work has appeared in MS Magazine, The New York Times Magazine, Artemis Journal and various other publications.

Ms. Barnhart will sign copies of The Beauty of Impermanence

Barbara Baranowski

Barbara Baranowski is a retired teacher, published writer, and inspirational speaker who is devoted to family, educational, and spiritual issues. She is an experienced camper, enjoying the outdoors with her family.

Ms. Baranowski will sign In God’s Creation

Terah Cox

Terah Cox  is the author of nine books, including The Story of Love & Truth and Birth Angels ~ Fulfilling Your Life Purpose with the 72 Angels of the Kabbalah. She is a personal guide and mentor, and speaks on the subjects of the Angelic Kabbalah, sacred diversity, individuation and life purposing, creativity, soul-awareness and the dance of self-realization and unity. She has used her writings, guidance and mentoring as ways to tap the Divine-Human mysteries at play within ourselves and every circumstance and aspect of life. Her work explores the common threads of Love and Truth which can be found in the mystical hearts of many traditions, and in “the sameness of heart beneath our different faces.” She draws especially from the Judaic Kabbalah, esoteric Christianity, Sufism and Buddhism, the ideas and inspirations of current and past visionaries, and the inner tuitions and wisdoms received at “the altar” of her own heart.

Ms. Cox will sign The Story of Love & Truth and Birth Angels.

Sonny Carbo

Sonny Carbo was born in Elizabeth, NJ, and is a retired part-time handyman.  After a life of alcoholism, Carbo evaluated who and what he was and decided to change. Over the course of seventeen years, with the support of many, he made the commitment to improve his life and become a writer, while struggling with bouts of depression. He enjoys motorcycles and volunteering within his community.

Mr. Carbo will sign copies of Instant Idiot: Just Add Alcohol

Dikkon Eberhart

Dikkon Eberhart is a former journalist, novelist and publisher. The son of U.S. Poet Laurent and prize-winning poet Richard Ebberhart, Dikkon has earned degrees in psychology, religion and art. He spent 28 years selling books and software solutions to lawyers in New England. His most recent book, The time Mom Met Hitler, Frost Came to Dinner and I heard the Greatest Story Ever Told, is a memoir of his spiritual journey from agnosticism and Judaism to Christianity.

Dr. Eberhart will sign copies of “The Time Mom Met Hitler…”


Elizabeth Poliner

Elizabeth Poliner is the author of As Close to Us as Breathing, a novel; Mutual Life & Casualty, a novel-in-stories; What You Know in Your Hands, a poetry collection; and Sudden Fog, a poetry chapbook. Her short fiction and poetry have appeared widely in literary journals including the Kenyon Review, The Southern Review, Michigan Quarterly Review, and Colorado Review. She is a recipient of seven individual artist grants from the D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities, fiction fellowships to the Wesleyan and Sewanee writers’ conferences, and artist residencies at the MacDowell Colony, Yaddo, the Wurlitzer Foundation, and the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts. She teaches creative writing in the MFA and undergraduate programs at Hollins University where she is an associate professor.

Ms. Poliner will sign her award-winning novel As Close to Us as Breathing

Melody Warnick

Melody Warnick is the author of This Is Where You Belong: Finding Home Wherever You Are (Viking, 2016), an exploration of the groundbreaking concept of place attachment. In her 15 years as a freelance journalist, Warnick has written for The Guardian, Atlantic CityLab, Quartz, Reader’s Digest, O: The Oprah Magazine, Redbook, Better Homes and Gardens, and many other publications. She and her book have been featured in the likes of Time, Fast Company, Psychology Today,,, and

Ms. Warnick will sign This Is Where You Belong

Hayleigh Worgan

Hayleigh Worgan  is  freelance writer, independent author, and editorial director for Bella Magazine. Recently, she completed her first novel, The Huntsman and also has published a collection of poetry, Missed Connections. You can view samples of her upcoming work, Writing from the Roadside, here. Worgan also leads led workshops including a Creative Writing Workshop for teenagers at South County Library. In her spare time, she volunteers and contributes material to local organizations like the Planned Parenthood and the Virginia Blue Ridge Affiliate of Susan G. Komen.

Ms. Worgan will sign The Huntsman.

Logan Doughty

Join personal safety expert Logan Doughty as he shows how to avoid stress in your life and FEAR-less in your life, especially during your holiday shopping excursions. The author of FEAR-less, A Woman’s Guide to Self Protection, Doughty will present parking lot safety and other tips.

Logan Doughty, the author of FEAR-less: A Woman’s Guide to Personal Self Protection, is a certified trainer of MOAB ® (Management Of Aggressive Behavior), an internationally recognized de-escalation and aggression management system that focuses on dealing with aggressive, or potentially aggressive persons with a unified, humane approach. His work focuses on a proactive approach to dealing with potential threats.  This system keeps people safer by by providing reliable, sensible countermeasures to most conceivable threats.